10 Times The Simpsons Bizarrely Predicted the Future


1. 1999 In a 1999 episode of the Simpsons, radiation spawned mutant tomatoes. 14 years later, exactly that happened in Japan. Coincidence or nah? You decide. Either way, it’s kind of eerie that it happened, and the next ones are even crazier! 2. Presidents In a 2008 episode of the Simpsons, Homer Simpson has trouble […]

Dog Lover Takes Some of the Most Magical Photos of Dogs Ever


Jessica Jessica is a 19 year old dog lover and student from Orange County, California. While some people could argue that Photoshop and photo editing has saturated the market and makes everyone think they’re a photographer, Jessica uses it to add the perfect amount of magic to her dog pictures. She’s specialized in taking pictures […]

9 Strangest Things Found on Google Maps


Google Maps shows EVERYTHING on earth, and some people have found some pretty crazy things! 1. Phantom Island In 2012, a group of Australian researchers “undiscovered” an island the size of Manhattan in the South Pacific. A mysterious place called Sandy Island had popped up on maps, northwest of Caledonia. It even showed up as […]

14 Secret Disney Parks Employee Rules


So you want to work at Disneyland, or any other of the Disney Parks. They are supposedly the happiest places on earth, right?! Before you apply, think about what exactly makes these places so fun and perfect – We’ve uncovered 14 secrets that Disney Park employees must follow, take a look! 1. Don’t Point at […]

20 College Hacks


1. Incentivized Studying Here’s something that’s easy, as well as genius to get yourself to start studying. Everybody loves gummy bears, so incentivizing your studying by placing gummy bears at certain points in your reading is genius. You’re only allowed to eat a bear when you’ve read all the way up to the bear. Not […]

If Cartoon Characters Were Real Life People, This Is What They Would Look Like

New York Animals vs. Regular City Animals

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9 Mind-Blowing Realizations

13 Hilariously Terrible Pinterest Fails


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